Rooted in 90s nostalgia and drawing from a Saturday-morning breakfast-over-cartoons aesthetic, this four-minute, slapstick animation articulates how simple effort, willingness to try in the face of fear, and so much more can come through in day-to-day parenting efforts. In this case: frying bacon…extra crispy.

The aesthetic vision for this animation is that of a childhood memory. From crayon-sketch backgrounds to the elastic, eccentric movement of the dad, all the way to unforgettable 90s references: Hi-C Ecto Coolers, anyone?

50% of all proceeds from this video will be donated to Feeding America. A charity dedicated to helping feed the 37 million people including more than 11 million children facing hunger in the US today.

Wall-height markings and loony expressions give the visuals camp while Cool Whip container tupperware and Lisa Frank unicorn stickers ground the animation in true memory. This light-hearted animated short is an interpretation of my own memory. As my mom spent many mornings out building her own business, my dad was tasked with making breakfast after long hours working overnights. This short is a fond tribute to parents everywhere putting their best foot forward.

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